Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lebanese Basketball Player Scores 113 Points in a Game

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Wilt Chamberlain has some company. Sort of. 27 year old guard Mohammad El Akkari scored a ridiculous 113 points yesterday for Moutahed of Tripoli in a Lebanese Division A League Final Eight game. Akkari connected on 32 of 59 3-pointers as he became the first player to score 100+ points in an official game in any league of the FIBA Asia National Federations. What made the accomplishment even more remarkable is that Akkari entered Tuesday's game averaging just 7.6 points in 23 games on the season. Akkari's coach, Ahmad Fadel, had this to say about his performance: "He puts in a lot of hard work in practice. I am not surprised." Not surprised??? Seriously? You have a guy who's the Lebanese equivalent of Jimmer Fredette and he goes out and makes 32 three-pointers and scores 113 points in a SINGLE GAME and you're NOT SURPRISED? Sort of makes you wonder how many points he would've had to score before it WAS surprising.

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