Monday, April 16, 2012

Lushbucket Baseball League - Week 2 Recap

Another successful week for the Flying Cave Donkies as we knock off the defending champs 5-3 thanks in large part to Jacoby Ellsbury winding up on the DL. Here's a look back at Week 2 of the Lushbucket Baseball League:

Top Performers Week 2:

Runs - Ian Kinsler (Rangers) - 8
HRs - Matt Kemp (Dodgers) - 4
RBIs - Yadier Molina (Cardinals) - 9
SBs - Jordan Schafer (Astros) - 5
Avg - Matt Kemp (Dodgers) - .545 (12/22)

ERA - Matt Cain (Giants) - 0.00 (9 IP)
WHIP - Matt Cain (Giants) - 0.11 (9 IP)
W - Jake Westbrook (Cardinals), Jeff Gray (Twins), Kyle Drabek (Blue Jays), Kenley Jansen (Dodgers), Ivan Nova (Yankees), C.J. Wilson (Angels), Craig Stammen (Nationals), Robbie Ross (Rangers) - 2
SV - Craig Kimbrel (Braves) - 4
SO - Cole Hamels (Phillies) - 19

Best Available:

Runs - Mark Ellis (Dodgers), Austin Jackson (Tigers) - 10
HRs - Josh Willingham (Twins), Omar Infante (Marlins) - 4
RBIs - Adam LaRoche (Nationals) - 12
SBs - Jordan Schafer (Astros) - 5
Avg - Josh Willingham (Twins) - .419 (13/31)

ERA - Chad Billingsley (Dodgers) - 0.63 (14 1/3 IP)
WHIP - Kyle Lohse (Cardinals) - 0.53 (13 1/3 IP)
W - Matt Harrison (Rangers), Jonathon Niese (Mets), Kyle Lohse (Cardinals), Lance Lynn (Cardinals), Kyle Drabek (Blue Jays), Kenley Jansen (Dodgers), Ivan Nova (Yankees), Jeff Samardzija (Cubs), Duane Below (Tigers), Jeff Gray (Twins), Bartolo Colon (A's), Craig Stammen (Nationals), Chad Billingsley (Dodgers), R.A. Dickey (Mets), Derek Lowe (Indians), Jake Westbrook (Cardinals), Robbie Ross (Rangers) - 2
SV - Jim Johnson (Orioles) - 4
SO - Aaron Harang (Dodgers) - 19

Most Predictable Move of the Week:

Is anyone surprised that the first person to swoop in and grab Alfredo Aceves off the waiver wire would be Frank? This is after all the same guy who actually drafted Doug Mirabelli back in 2005:

The addition of Aceves brings to the total number of Red Sox on Los Cuñados to 4 (all of them pitchers) which seems low for Frank, but it should be noted that his roster also contains ex-Sox players Adrian Beltre, Coco Crisp and Justin Masterson as well as ex-Sox prospect Anibal Sanchez. Frank, Jason Bay is still available if you're looking for outfield depth.

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