Monday, June 11, 2012

Lushbucket Baseball League - Week 10 Recap

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We had a Brian Steuerwald sighting in Week 10 as our resident cellar dweller made 8 moves and made it back-to-back weeks without a loss after drawing 5-5 with Los Cuñados. Meanwhile the Donkies pulled out a deceptive 9-1 win over Lonesome Pine. We were basically losing the entire week and eked out about 5 categories on the final day. We're still having issues at first base though. Billy Butler did manage to hit .300 for the week, but didn't drive in a single run, and only scored once. That's just not going to cut it. Here's a look at the rest of Week 10:

Best Available:

Runs - Jose Altuve (Houston) - 39
HRs - Adam Dunn (White Sox) - 20
RBIs - Adam Dunn (White Sox) - 46
SBs - Emilio Bonifacio (Miami) - 20
Avg - Jose Altuve - .326 (78/239)

ERA - Ryan Vogelsong (San Francisco) - 2.26 (75 2/3 IP)
WHIP - James McDonald (Pittsburgh) - 1.00 (75 1/3 IP)
W - Matt Harrison (Texas) - 8
SV - Brandon League (Seattle), Rafael Soriano (Yankees) - 9
SO - Bud Norris (Houston) - 76

Move of the Week:

We've already touched on Stewy's moves. This one was my favorite:

Not even two hours and Shin-Soo Choo gets the axe. De Aza did hit .381 after getting added to Stewy's lineup though.

Players With More Home Runs Than Albert Pujols:
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Only one homer for Pujols in Week 10, but he did hit .400 against the M's and Rockies. Pujols is now up to nine homers has his average all the way up to .256. As he closes in on double digit home runs on the year, here's the weekly list of players with my homers than The Machine:

Justin Morneau
Matt Joyce
A.J. Pierzynski
Raul Ibanez
Billy Butler
Josh Willingham
Jason Kipnis
Justin Smoak
Chris Davis
Jarrod Saltalamacchia

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