Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Trivia

Last week's question:

Tom Brady just appeared in his 5th Super Bowl. What other current teammates of his were on the Patriots team that beat the Rams in his first Super Bowl appearance back in 2002?

Photo Credit: youtube.com (screenshot)
Frank on point with the answer once again: Matt Light and Kevin Faulk have both been with Brady for the duration of the Patriots dynasty going back to Super Bowl XXXVI.

This week's question:

Photo Credit: foxnewsinsider.com

Ahmad Bradshaw scored the winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLVI four and a half years after almost not getting drafted. The Giants selected Bradshaw with the 250th pick (out of 255) in the 2007 NFL Draft. How many running backs were drafted ahead of him?

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  1. 17 running backs were drafted ahead of Bradshaw.