Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Trivia

Last week's question:

Ahmad Bradshaw scored the winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLVI four and a half years after almost not getting drafted. The Giants selected Bradshaw with the 250th pick (out of 255) in the 2007 NFL Draft. How many running backs were drafted ahead of him?


Photo Credit: kboi2.com

Props to my mother in law who got last week's question right. Ahmad Bradshaw was the 18th running back selected in the 2007 NFL Draft. Only two of the seventeen running backs drafted ahead of him, Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch, have outperformed him on the field so far, while the overwhelming majority are already out of the NFL. He's a look at the complete list of running backs drafted in 2007:

Bradshaw wasn't the only one who got overlooked in this draft class though. New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas, who is also still in the NFL, wasn't drafted at all.

This week's question:
Photo Credit: canada.com
Despite scoring a pair of goals against Liverpool, Wayne Rooney still finds himself a distant second behind Dutchman Robin van Persie for the English Premier League scoring title. Who was the last Englishman to actually lead the English Premier League in scoring?

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