Saturday, February 26, 2011

Like a Bosh

In honor of Chris Bosh's just absolutely atrocious performance against Chicago on Thursday night, I have no choice put to post a link to the infamous "Like a Bosh" video from The Basketball Joneses.

Bosh was certainly not on his game in Miami's loss to the Bulls hitting just 1 out of 18 shots from the floor, tying for the 3rd worst shooting percentage in NBA history for players taking 18 shots or more. Mike Newlin, career 46.6% shooter over 11 seasons, holds the record as he once hit  just 1 of 22 shots for the Houston Rockets on January 31, 1973. If there's any consolation for Bosh, it's that he at least made a basket. Tim Hardaway had a game in 1991 for the Warriors where he took 17 shots and made ZERO. Then again, the Warriors still managed to win that game. Miami is now a combined 0-5 against Chicago and Boston.

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