Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just How Good is Derrick Rose?

To answer this question, I defer to the famous Ellen of Naperville who sums it up like this:

D ROSE is too awesome for words
I will do my best to do him justice. Taking on the 46-9 Spurs, the last team in the NBA to have not reached double digit losses, and still being without the injured Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose took it upon himself to take it to the best team in the Western Conference. Rose scored a career high 42 points, including the Bulls' final ten points of the game and 13 of their last 15. He hit 18 of 28 shots from the floor, added 5 rebounds and 8 assists and turned the ball over just 1 time in 39 minutes. The Spurs just did not have an answer for him. Rose's Bulls now head into the all star break riding a 4 game winning streak and quietly have the 3rd best record in the Eastern Conference, just 2 games behind Boston. And they've been doing it all with Kurt Thomas as their starting center. Just wait until this group gets healthy. You want a pick for a sleeper team to win the East? Look no farther than right here.

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