Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Interesting Fantasy Draft Strategy

Gotta give it up to my buddy Jon for making the pick of the day in our annual fantasy football draft this year.

Round 12:

Only one problem with that pick. Mike Vrabel is no longer a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, he's no longer a member of the NFL having retired about a month and a half ago. He's now working as a coach at his alma mater Ohio State. Probably not going to put up a lot of fantasy points this year. 
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Now, Jon isn't completely to blame for this one as he was stuck with the curse of the Autodraft. However, this is particularly funny in our league because this isn't the first time he's drafted someone who was retired. A few years back he selected Mike Alstott after he'd announced his retirement. Poor guy. What's up with yahoo still having Vrabel in the player pool anyways?
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Anyhow, my draft went fairly well considering I got saddled with the 13th pick in a 14 team league. Here's the team I ended up with. Before you judge too harshly, know that it's a point per reception league and we also get points for return yards.

QB - Philip Rivers
WR - Percy Harvin
WR - Danny Amendola
WR - Lee Evans
RB - LeSean McCoy
RB - Jahvid Best
TE - Antonio Gates
WR/TE - Johnny Knox
WR/RB - Reggie Bush
K - Dan Carpenter
DEF - New York Jets
D - Jerod Mayo
D - Lawrence Timmons

Sub - Steve Smith - WR (the one on the Eagles)
Sub - Danny Woodhead - RB
Sub - Javon Ringer - RB
Sub - Chris Cooley - TE

My team has gone 6 years without a championship so hopefully this is the group that can get me out of the first round of the playoffs for a change.

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