Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lushbucket Baseball League - Week 8 Recap

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As Albert Pujols goes, so does Pete and the Lonesome Pine. In the blink of an eye, Pete's gone from the laughingstock of the LBBL into third place after a 6-3 win over Diaper Dooty. In other news, another win for the Donkies as we've closed the gap on the defending champs to a game and a half leading into our Week 9 head-to-head showdown. Unfortunately both of my acquisitions last week - Adam LaRoche (.190) and Ted Lilly (21.60) - are no longer with the club. We're now auditioning our second different Royals first baseman in Billy Butler and we snatched up Adam Wainwright on the heels of his 4-hit shutout of San Diego. He's since followed that up with a 6 inning 1 run win over the Phillies, so hopefully he's starting to find himself. Here's a look at the rest of the league in Week 8:

Best Available:

Runs - Alejandro De Aza (White Sox) - 36
HRs - Adam Dunn (White Sox) - 16
RBIs - Adam Dunn (White Sox) - 37
SBs - Emilio Bonifacio (Miami) - 20
Avg - Jonathan Lucroy (Milwaukee) - .345 (48/139)

ERA - James McDonald (Pittsburgh) - 2.20 (65 1/3 IP)
WHIP - James McDonald (Pittsburgh) - 0.96 (65 1/3 IP)
W - R.A. Dickey (Mets) - 7
SV - Jonathan Broxton (Kansas City) - 10
SO - James McDonald (Pittsburgh) - 63

Name Change of the Week:
Longggggggggg Jacket underwent a namechange this week and is now '21 Fluffy Bunnies'. Normally, I'd mock this, but the result was a 7-2 win so I'll let it slide.

Players With More Home Runs Than Albert Pujols:
Photo Credit: bleacherreport.com
Four more homers for Pujols this past week including blasts in three consecutive games against Seattle bringing the Machine's total to 7 while the batting average has crept up to .232. It's getting a little tougher to make a good list, but here's 10 more for this week:

Josh Reddick
Matt Holliday
Raul Ibanez
Matt Joyce
J.P. Arencibia
A.J. Pierzynski
Jed Lowrie
Mike Aviles
Mark Trumbo
Jason Kipnis

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