Monday, December 20, 2010

Lack of Magic

The Magic played their first game with their new acquisitions tonight against the Atlanta Hawks. Results? Meh.

Hedo Turkoglu started and was just 1/4 from the field for 8 points and pulled down 6 rebounds in 35 minutes.

Jason Richardson also started and was 3/8 from the field for 9 points in 31 minutes.

Gilbert Arenas came off the bench went 2/11 from the floor but led the newcomers with 10 points in 27 minutes.

Earl Clark did not see the court.

So to summarize, 6/23 shooting for 27 points in 93 total minutes. Result? Hawks 91 Magic 81. Not the offensive explosion the Magic were hoping for. The Hawks also outrebounded the Magic 51-38. Bright spot? 20 rebounds for Dwight Howard for the second straight game.


  1. And what about the loss of Heat which they were IN Miami. Dallas wins by 3 in the final seconds. Ouch.12 game surge abruptly stops, and at HOME!

  2. The Heat have struggled against better teams this year for certain. Boston, Orlando, New Orleans, Utah and Dallas have dealt them 7 of their 9 losses. Will be interesting to see how they fair against San Antonio, Chicago and the Lakers. The Heat did get Mike Miller back last night though, and while his first appearance was forgettable (missed all 4 of his shots - all 3 pointers - in 4 minutes), having him back does make them even more dangerous.

    Oh, on a separate note, Dallas and Orlando play tonight.