Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Randy Moss Signs with San Francisco

Photo Credit: nepatriotsdraft.com
The San Francisco 49ers just signed a 35 year old former superstar who didn't play football last season. No, not Peyton Manning. The 49ers have addressed their glaring need at wide receiver by signing the polarizing Randy Moss to a one year deal. Moss worked out with 49ers head coach and former NFL quarterback Jim Harbaugh on Monday and apparently both sides left happy as the 49ers have a receiver who can stretch the field and Moss has a contract. Still, one wonders which Moss is going to show up. Randy Moss has a tendency to disappear on teams when things aren't going his way, and it remains to be seen how he'll handle playing with a quarterback like Alex Smith who isn't known for throwing the deep ball - assuming the 49ers do in fact re-sign him. Still, even a bad Randy Moss is likely an upgrade of what the 49ers would have started the season with otherwise. San Francisco didn't exactly get prolific wide receiver play in 2011:

In fact, in the NFC Championship game that group managed to catch just ONE PASS for a whopping three yards. You have to think that Moss, if in shape and if his attitude is kept in check, can make this group better. That's the real question though. Which Randy Moss are you going to get?

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