Thursday, March 15, 2012


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Pretty anticlimactic trade deadline for the NBA today. Dwight Howard? Still in Orlando. Deron Williams? Still a Net. Boston's Big Four? Beantown. Pau Gasol? Hollywood. Still, there were some smaller deals, so let's take a look at them:


Warriors get:
C Andrew Bogut
• G/F Stephen Jackson

Bucks get:
• G Monta Ellis
• C Kwame Brown
• C Ekpe Udoh

Quick Take: Golden State gets a legitimate starting center in Bogut, but he probably won't see the court again this season while recovering from a fractured ankle, but it comes at a high price with leading scorer Monta Ellis heading to Milwaukee. Ellis and Brandon Jennings should form an exciting guard combo for the Bucks who are fighting for a final playoff spot in the East.


Sixers get:
G Sam Young

Grizzlies get:
• Future considerations (rights to Ricky Sanchez)

Quick Take: Young's not a gamebreaker averaging just over 3 points a game, but he does add depth on the wing for the 76ers. Sanchez, 24, was drafted in 2005 but has never played in the NBA. No big time impact here.


Pacers get:
• G Leandro Barbosa

Raptors get:
• Second-round draft pick

Quick Take: The Pacers had the cap space to make this move and Barbosa, a proven scorer, provides an upgrade over Lance Stephenson and Dahntay Jones at the two.


Nets get:
• F Gerald Wallace

Blazers get:
• F/C Mehmet Okur
• F Shawne Williams
• Protected first-round pick
Quick Take: Wallace probably isn't going to be enough to appease Deron Williams, but it was the best New Jersey could do. Portland could really score big if they get the draft pick as it's only top three protected and the Nets currently have the sixth worst record in the league.


Lakers get:
G Ramon Sessions
• F Christian Eyenga
• Rights to swap Heat's 2013 first-round draft pick

Cavaliers get:
F Luke Walton
• 2012 first-round pick

Quick Take: The Lakers get a younger, more athletic point guard providing an upgrade over the 37 year old Derek Fisher. Neither Walton or Eyenga should be major factors down the stretch.


Rockets get:
• C Marcus Camby

Blazers get:
C Hasheem Thabeet
• G Jonny Flynn
• 2012 second-round draft pick

Quick Take: Houston unloads Thabeet and Flynn and adds depth in their frontcourt with the veteran Camby. Not the deadline blockbuster Daryl Morey was hoping for, but it makes Houston better.


Spurs get:
F/G Stephen Jackson

Warriors get:
• F Richard Jefferson
• Conditional first-round pick

Quick Take: The Warriors flip Jackson for Jefferson sending Jackson back to San Antonio where he was a key cog on the Spurs 2003 championship team. Jefferson, who failed to meet expectations in San Antonio, gets a fresh start with the Warriors.


Rockets get:
G Derek Fisher
• 2012 first-round pick

Lakers get:
• F/C Jordan Hill

Quick Take: The acquisition of Marcus Camby made Hill expendable, but not sure where Fisher fits in as Houston already has Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic. Lowry has been dealing with injuries and Fisher is certainly better than Jonny Flynn, but it remains to be seen if Fisher figures into Houston's plans for the rest of the season or if they go another direction.

Wizards get:
• F/C Nene
• F Brian Cook
• Future second-round pick

Clippers get:
G Nick Young

Nuggets get:
• C JaVale McGee
• F/C Ronny Turiaf
Quick Take: If anyone is a winner here it's the Clippers. Young is averaging over 16 points a game and could step into the starting shooting guard role in LA and all the Clips had to give up was Brian Cook and a second rounder. Nene has struggled with injuries, but is solid when healthy and locked in for another four seasons. McGee has issues with his basketball IQ, but he's a terrific athlete and will help bolster Denver's interior defense and rebounding.

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