Monday, November 7, 2011

College Football Trivia

As I was watching Saturday night's LSU-Alabama game, I couldn't help but notice that LSU really wasn't getting much out of their quarterbacks. To be exact, Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee combined to complete just 9 of 17 passes for 91 yards and a pair of interceptions (both thrown by Lee).
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Now, I recognize that Alabama's defense is really, really good, but neither one of these guys had the look of a future NFL quarterback. And that got me thinking, when was the last time LSU produced a legitimately good NFL quarterback? More specifically: Who was the last quarterback drafted out of LSU to win a playoff game in the NFL? Not so easy, right?

Let's take a look back at LSU's recent graduates:

Matt Flynn - 7th Round Pick, 2008 NFL Draft - 1 NFL Start, 0 Wins
JaMarcus Russell - 1st Overall Pick, 2007 NFL Draft - 7-18 as an NFL Starter
Marcus Randall - Undrafted in 2005 - Converted to Safety/Linebacker, 3 NFL Games
Matt Mauck - 7th Round Pick, 2004 NFL Draft - 1 NFL Start, 0 Wins

*Craig Nall played 3 seasons with LSU before transferring to Northwestern State.  He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2002 NFL Draft but never started an NFL game.

Rohan Davey - 4th Round Pick, 2002 NFL Draft - 7 NFL Appearances, 0 Starts - Although Davey did win the World Bowl with the Berlin Thunder in NFL Europe.
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Josh Booty - 6th Round Pick, 2001 NFL Draft - 0 NFL Passes
Herb Tyler - Undrafted in 1999
Jamie Howard - Undrafted in 1996
Chad Loup - Undrafted in 1992
Tom Hodson - 3rd Round Pick, 1990 NFL Draft - 1-11 as NFL Starter

*Stan Humphries was at LSU briefly but transferred to what is now UL-Monroe where he won a I-AA National Championship. Humphries was a 6th Round Pick in 1988 and led the Chargers to Super Bowl XXIX where they lost to Steve Young and the 49ers. But as he was drafted out of ULM, he's not the answer.

Jeff Wickersham - 10th Round Pick, 1986 NFL Draft - Cut Before Season Started
Alan Risher - 15th Round Pick, 1983 USFL Draft - 3 NFL Starts - 2 Wins
Steve Ensminger - Undrafted in 1980

And finally, the answer:
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David Woodley - 8th Round Pick, 1980 NFL Draft - 34-18-1 as an NFL Starter, Won 3 playoff games en route to an appearance in Super Bowl XVII against the Redskins in 1983.

So it's been almost 30 years since a quarterback drafted out of LSU has won an NFL playoff game. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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  1. Was being surrounded by LSU fans today, basking in glory, your inspiration for this?