Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tebow Wins Again??

Tim Tebow is 4-1 as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback. How did this happen? It's bizarre really. Tim Tebow is not playing well at quarterback at all by your traditional standards. To say that no one is confusing him for John Elway is an understatement. And no, it's not because Tebow's a lefty.
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On the year Tebow has completed just 46.9% of his passes, he hasn't had a game yet where he's completed over 50% of his throws, and he's never passed for over 200 yards. But despite all of that, he WINS. It's not pretty, but he's been finding ways to get it done. And with the exception of getting roughed up by the Lions, he ONLY wins.

In his first start against the Dolphins he was just 4 for 14 for 40 yards in the game's first 54:37. Then he led the Broncos on two touchdown drives in the closing minutes and added a 2 point conversion to erase a 15 point deficit. Broncos win 18-15 in overtime.

In start number three against the Raiders, Tebow threw two more touchdown passes and ran for 118 yards in part of a 299 yard rushing attack as the Broncos erase a 24-14 3rd quarter deficit and score the game's final 24 points. 38-24 Denver.

Start number four against the Chiefs, Tebow only completes TWO of EIGHT passes. However, one goes for a 56 yard touchdown and the Broncos carry the ball 55 times and Tebow runs for an additional score. Despite losing their top two running backs, Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno, Denver still wins 17-10.
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And that brings us to Thursday night football. In a game not seen by those who don't get the NFL Network, Tebow led yet another rally. Down 13-10 with under six minutes to go and starting on his own 5 yard line, Tebow led the Broncos 95 yards for a score, capping it off with a 20 yard touchdown run.

Three second half comebacks, and suddenly Denver is 5-5 and just a half game behind the Raiders in the AFC West. It defies logic. And while the win against the Dolphins was easy to dismiss, the Raiders lead the division, the Chiefs had been playing better of late, and the Jets are supposed to be one of the toughest defenses in the league. Like him or hate him, you can't ignore it any more. Right now, Tebow is a viable NFL quarterback. Can he sustain it? Maybe. It certainly helps that he isn't turning the ball over (just one interception in 5 starts). Either way it's working right now, and Denver is right in the thick of the AFC West race as a result. Here's Denver's schedule the rest of the way:

11/27 @ San Diego (4-5)
12/4 @ Minnesota (2-7)
12/11 vs Chicago (6-3)
12/18 vs New England (6-3)
12/24 @ Buffalo (5-4)
1/1 vs Kansas City (4-5)

Not the easiest of schedule, but Denver has playmakers on defense, they can run the football, and they can beat you on special teams. And now with Tebow on the field, in a close game you have to say they have a chance.

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