Thursday, October 27, 2011

Best Nicknames in Sports, Volume II

It was fun going through these the other day, so I figured what the heck, here's another 25. As before, if I missed any good ones, hit me up in the comments section and we'll get them in Volume III:

Best Nicknames, Volume I

Fred Hoiberg - NBA Swingman 1995-2005
"The Mayor"
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Brian Cardinal - NBA Forward, 2000-Present
"The Custodian"
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Dustin Pedroia - Major League Second Baseman, 2006-Present
"The Laser Show"
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Jerome Bettis - NFL Running Back, 1993-2006
"The Bus"
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Bryant Reeves - NBA Center, 1995-2002
"Big Country"
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Gary Payton - NBA Guard, 1990-2007
"The Glove"
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Mark Fidrych - Major League Pitcher, 1976-1980
"The Bird"
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Bill Lee - Major League Pitcher, 1969-1982
"The Spaceman"
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Reggie White - NFL Defensive End, 1985-2000
"The Minister of Defense"
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Darryl Dawkins - NBA Forward, 1975-1989
"Chocolate Thunder"
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Pavel Bure - NHL Winger, 1991-2003
"The Russian Rocket"
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Christian Okoye - NFL Running Back, 1987-1992
"The Nigerian Nightmare"
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BenJarvus Green-Ellis - NFL Running Back, 2008-Present
"The Law Firm"
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David Ortiz - Major League First Baseman/Designated hitter, 1997-Present
"Big Papi"
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Jose Valverde - Major League Pitcher, 2003-Present
"Papa Grande"
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Orlando Hernandez - Major League Pitcher, 1998-2007
"El Duque"
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Dennis Martinez - Major League Pitcher, 1976-1998
"El Presidente"
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Dale Earnhardt - NASCAR Driver, 1975-2001
"The Intimidator"
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Paul Pierce - NBA Forward, 1998-Present
"The Truth"
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Frank Thomas - Major League First Baseman/Designated Hitter, 1990-2008
"The Big Hurt"
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Jack Nicklaus - Professional Golfer, 1962-2005
"The Golden Bear"
Photo Credit:

Bobby Hull - NHL Winger, 1957-1980
"The Golden Jet"
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Clyde Drexler - NBA Swingman, 1983-1998
"The Glide"
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And by request from our readers:

John Wasdin - Major League Pitcher, 1995-2007
"Way Back!"
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Clint Dempsey - Professional Soccer Player, 2004-Present
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