Saturday, October 29, 2011

Best Nicknames in Sports, Volume III

Back with more nicknames today. At some point, I'm sure we'll run out of good ones, but in the meantime...

In case you missed them, check out the links to Volume I and Volume II.

Now, Volume III:

Reggie Jackson - Major League Outfielder, 1967-1987
"Mr. October"
Photo Credit:

Andy Dalton - NFL Quarterback, 2011-Present
"The Red Rifle"
Photo Credit:

Trent Edwards - NFL Quarterback, 2007-Present
"Captain Checkdown"
Photo Credit:

Craig Heyward - NFL Running Back, 1988-1998
Photo Credit:

Jimmy Wynn - Major League Outfielder, 1963-1977
"The Toy Cannon"
Photo Credit:

Bobby Hebert - NFL Quarterback, 1985-1996
"The Cajun Cannon"
Photo Credit:

Dick Lane - NFL Defensive Back, 1952-1965
"Night Train"
Photo Credit:

Ken Stabler - NFL Quarterback, 1968-1984
"The Snake"
Photo Credit:

Tom Gordon - Major League Pitcher, 1988-2009
"Flash Gordon"
Photo Credit:

Kenny Smith - NBA Guard, 1987-1997
"The Jet"
Photo Credit:

B.J. Raji - NFL Defensive Tackle, 2009-Present
"The Freezer"

Jevon Kearse - NFL Defensive End, 1999-2009
"The Freak"
Photo Credit:

Chuck Bednarik - NFL Linebacker, 1949-1962
"Concrete Charlie"
Photo Credit:

Red Grange - NFL Halfback, 1925-1934
"The Galloping Ghost"
Photo Credit:

Robert Parish - NBA Center, 1976-1997
"The Chief"
Photo Credit:

And lots of good stuff from our readers after Volume II, here's a few of the best ones:

Marvin Barnes - NBA Forward/Center, 1976-1980
"Bad News"
Photo Credit:

Vinnie Johnson - NBA Guard, 1979-1992
"The Microwave"
Photo Credit:

Andres Galarraga - Major League First Baseman, 1985-2004
"The Big Cat"
Photo Credit:

Lenny Dykstra - Major League Outfielder, 1985-1996
Photo Credit:

Walter Johnson - Major League Pitcher, 1907-1927
"The Big Train"
Photo Credit:

Wilt Chamberlain - NBA Center, 1959-1973
"The Big Dipper"
Photo Credit:

Glen Davis - NBA Forward, 2007-Present
"Big Baby"
Photo Credit:

Earl Monroe - NBA Guard, 1967-1980
"The Pearl"
Photo Credit:

Dominique Wilkins - NBA Forward, 1982-1999
"The Human Highlight Film"
Photo Credit:

Sorry Cory, until Wayne Rooney actually earns the nickname "The White Pele" there's no way he makes the list. But, as promised here's one of his former Man U teammates:

Paul Scholes - Professional Soccer Player, 1994-2011
"The Ginger Prince"
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