Friday, October 21, 2011

The Fantasy Hockey Experiment - Week 2

It defies all odds, but somehow my team of misfits has risen into first place in my Yahoo Public Fantasy Hockey League. I don't know if no one else is actually playing,  my guys are just overachieving, or the far less likely possibility that I actually know what I'm doing, but whatever it is, something is working. At least in the short term. We currently only lead the league in two categories: shots and wins, but I'll take it. Having the NHL's leading scorer, Phil Kessel, on my roster (thank you AutoDraft) probably doesn't hurt either. I fully expect us to rocket back down to earth at some point, but I'm going to enjoy being in first place while I can.

We made a couple moves this week bringing in a pair of defensemen: Vancouver's Sami Salo and Tampa Bay's Marc-Andre Bergeron in exchange for defender Roman Hamrlik and left winger Scott Hartnell. At the time of the moves, the Hamrlik and Hartnell had combined for just one assist. By comparison, Bergeron and Salo have combined for five assists just since I acquired them. So far so good there.

The one area we're still struggling is plus/minus. At -8 we're the second worst team in the league. That's a little tougher to fix though. The one other area I'm looking right now is still my defensemen. Cam Fowler doesn't have a point this season and Brent Seabrook only has one. If there's some defensemen out there that can provide some points while also helping the plus/minus situation, I'll certainly need to look into that. Otherwise, pretty happy with how the roster is shaping up. Anyhow, here's an update on the rest of the league:

Division Leaders
Photo Credit:

Atlantic - Pittsburgh Penguins - 5-2-2 - 12 points
Northeast - Buffalo Sabres - 5-1-0 - 10 points
Southeast - Washington Capitals - 6-0-0 - 12 points
Central - Chicago Blackhawks - 4-1-1 - 9 points
Northwest - Colorado Avalanche - 5-2-0 - 10 points
Pacific - Dallas Stars - 5-1-0 - 10 points

League Leaders
Photo Credit:
Points - Phil Kessel - Toronto - 12
Goals - Phil Kessel - Toronto - 7
Assists - 6 tied with - 7
Goals Against Average - Nikolai Khabibulin - Edmonton - 0.95
Save Percentage - Jonathan Quick - Los Angeles - 0.967

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