Monday, October 31, 2011

Best Nicknames in Sports - Volume IV

And now for the 4th installment of our 'Best Nicknames in Sports' column. We'll keep doing these until we run out of good nicknames.

In case you missed them, check out the links to Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III.

Now, Volume IV:

Ernie Davis - Running Back, 1961 Heisman Trophy Winner
"The Elmira Express"
Photo Credit:

Rubin Carter - Professional Boxer, 1961-1966
"The Hurricane"
Photo Credit:

Chris Andersen - NBA Forward, 2001-Present
Photo Credit:

Phil Mickelson - Professional Golfer, 1992-Present
Photo Credit:

Robert Traylor - NBA Center, 1998-2005
"Tractor Traylor"
Photo Credit:

Casey Hampton - NFL Defensive Tackle, 2001-Present
"Big Snack"
Photo Credit:

Nate Newton - NFL Offensive Lineman, 1986-1999
"The Kitchen"
Photo Credit:

Toni Kukoč - NBA Forward, 1993-2006
"The Croatian Sensation"
Photo Credit:

Shane Victorino - Major League Outfielder, 2003-Present
"The Pineapple Express"
Photo Credit:

Javier Hernandez - Professional Soccer Player, 2006-Present
Photo Credit:

Joe DiMaggio - Major League Outfielder, 1936-1951
"The Yankee Clipper"
Photo Credit:

Bernard Hopkins - Professional Boxer, 1988-Present
"The Executioner"
Photo Credit:
Marco Etcheverry - Professional Soccer Player, 1986-2004
"El Diablo"
Photo Credit:

Billy Johnson - NFL Wide Receiver, 1974-1988
"White Shoes"
Photo Credit:

Ed Jones - NFL Defensive End, 1974-1989
"Too Tall"
Photo Credit:

Gilbert Arenas - NBA Guard, 2001-Present
"Agent Zero"
Photo Credit:

Tim Duncan - NBA Forward, 1997-Present
"The Big Fundamental"
Photo Credit:

Sam Perkins - NBA Forward/Center, 1984-2001
"Big Smooth"
Photo Credit:

Kobe Bryant - NBA Guard, 1996-Present
"The Black Mamba"
Photo Credit:

Carnell Williams - NFL Running Back, 2005-Present
Photo Credit:

And from our readers:

Trajan Langdon - NBA Guard, 1999-2002
"The Alaskan Assassin"
Photo Credit:

Ryan Braun - Major League Outfielder, 2007-Present
"The Hebrew Hammer"
Photo Credit:

Marvin Webster - ABA/NBA Center, 1975-1987
"The Human Eraser"
Photo Credit:

Charles Barkley - NBA Forward, 1984-2000
"The Round Mound of Rebound"
Photo Credit:

Ted Williams - Major League Outfielder, 1939-1960
"The Splendid Splinter"
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