Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Best Nicknames in Sports

This World Series has not only been entertaining, but has also provided us with some of the better nicknames in sports right now. You have Albert Pujols aka 'The Machine', Marc Rzepczynski aka 'Scrabble', Mike Napoli apparently goes by 'Dirtbag'... Anyhow, it got me thinking of what some of the best nicknames in sports were. And I'm not talking about Lawrence Taylor being 'L.T.', or anything like that. I'm looking for the ones that at least required SOME creativity. So here's 25 for you. Let me know if you've got any other good ones that I missed:

Ozzie Smith - Major League Shortstop 1978-1996
"The Wizard"
Photo Credit: goodmenproject.com

Karl Malone - NBA Forward 1985-2004
"The Mailman"
Photo Credit: geocities.ws

Randy Johnson - Major League Pitcher  1988-2009
"The Big Unit"
Photo Credit: jeffpearlman.com

Greg Norman - Pro Golfer 1976-2009
"The Shark"
Photo Credit: smashgolf.wordpress.com

Hakeem Olajuwon - NBA Center 1984-2002
 "The Dream"
Photo Credit: blacktoptens.com

Roger Clemens - Major League Pitcher 1984-2007
"The Rocket"
Photo Credit: bostondirtdogs.com

William Perry - NFL Defensive Tackle/Fullback, 1985-1994
"The Refrigerator"
Photo Credit: mirror.co.uk

Deion Sanders - NFL/MLB Star, 1989-2005
"Prime Time"
Photo Credit: articles.sfgate.com

Fred McGriff - Major League First Baseman, 1986-2004
"The Crime Dog"
Photo Credit: opiniononsports.com

David Robinson - NBA Center 1989-2003
"The Admiral"
Photo Credit: soldieroftheday.com

George Gervin - ABA/NBA Shooting Guard, 1972-1986
"The Iceman"
Photo Credit: sportige.com

Mitch Williams - Major League Pitcher, 1986-1997
"Wild Thing"
Photo Credit: insidesocal.com

Landon Donovan - Professional Soccer Player, 1999-Present
"Captain America"
Photo Credit: guardian.co.uk

Walter Payton - NFL Running Back, 1975-1987
Photo Credit: giantbomb.com

Andrei Kirilenko - NBA Forward, 1997-Present
Photo Credit: msn.foxsports.com

Wayne Gretzky - NHL Center, 1978-1999
"The Great One"
Photo Credit: sciencewitness.com

Calvin Johnson - NFL Wide Receiver, 2007-Present
Photo Credit: webwallpapers.net

Roy Halladay - Major League Pitcher, 1998-Present
"Doc" Halladay
Photo Credit: doublegsports.com

Andre Dawson - Major League Outfielder, 1976-1996
"The Hawk"
Photo Credit: espn.go.com

Rich Garcés - Major League Pitcher, 1990-2002
"El Guapo"
Photo Credit: deadspin.com

Jared Lorenzen - NFL Quarterback, 2004-2007
"The Hefty Lefty"
Photo Credit: bigbluebooyah.blogspot.com

Pete Rose - Baseball's All Time Hits Leader, 1963-1986
"Charlie Hustle"
Photo Credit: theredzonereport.com

Shaquille O'Neal - NBA Center, 1992-2011
"The Big Aristotle", "The Big Shamrock", "Superman", "The Shaqtus", etc.
Photo Credit: warriorsworld.net

Mario Lemieux - NHL Center, 1984-2006
"Super Mario"
Photo Credit: nhlsnipers.com

Allen Iverson - NBA Guard, 1996-2010
"The Answer"
Photo Credit: bleacherreport.com

Apologies to The Truth, The Big Ticket, The Glide, The Glove, Big Country, The Snake, The Yankee Clipper, Flash Gordon, Big Country, Mr. October, The Custodian, The Mayor, Tractor Traylor, KGB, Matty Ice, Dr. J, Doc Gooden, The Big Hurt, Stevie Franchise, The Chief, Larry Legend, Air Jordan, King James, The Jet, Sir Charles and the Babe. There just wasn't enough room for all of you. I miss anyone else? Post in the comments section if you've got a good one.

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